Your Life Story

    If you like belly laughs, bear hugs, having fun and making memories then I am the photographer for you! My goal is to help you save the moments that make up your life. Both the tiny, and the huge. So you can always come back to that very moment in time. To those tiny curled up fingers and toes. The first few hours, or days together. The little giggles and big smiles. That silly face your little lady always makes when the camera comes out. The pure joy (and curiosity) on your one year old's face when you let them dive head first into cake. Even the melt down because getting your photo taken right now is the worst.thing.ever! That beautifully worn teddy bear that your little guy won't leave the house without. The superman cape he has to wear EVERYWHERE. The moments that happen when you bake cookies together, or just snuggle up close and read a book. That moment when all of your kids were just playing peacefully together, finally. Even the moments when they aren't so peaceful. It's all your life. And I want to help you tell your story. One moment at a time

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